Mechanism & Judging Process

Easy 5-Steps Nomination Process


All companies in Asia with over 100 full time employees or the equivalent and have been in operations for a minimum 18 months at the time of submission are eligible to participate. The organiser may waive or alter these requirements from time to time without notification.


HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia is the only awards judged solely by employees based on Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM): Core, Self and Group.


The process is fully self-administrated and relies 100% on trust. Your participation is kept in utmost confidentiality. Except HR Asia and your own company, your participation and survey results will not be reveal to the public. Only if you are selected and accepted the Awards, your company name will be publicised and announced in HR Asia and all local media. Similarly, we do not respond to request for feedbacks, judging reasons and other information on the Awards, participants or recipients, except those stated in this kit or as communicated to the participants.

Participation Fee

The participation fee of is entitles for a set of survey – Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM): Core, Self and Group. A minimum of 30 full time employees are required to participate in the TEAM Model, it can allows up to 50 full time employees to take part.

Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) help you to get a better understanding of your workforce Core, Self and Group. The survey are specially designed tools to measure the employee engagement level of your company, thus aiding in the determination of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia.


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