Mechanism & Judging Process

Easy 5-Steps Nomination Process


All companies in Asia with more than 100 full-time equivalent employees and have been in operation for a minimum of 18 months at the time of submission are eligible to participate. However, as this is a market-specific programme, the company must meet the above criteria in the market for which it is submitting its nomination in.


HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards was judged by an independent panel of industry experts, academics, journalists and government representatives based on the HR Asia Employee Input Survey (EIS) Report and the HR Asia Workplace and Employee Engagement Survey (WEES). The judges were presented with an Executive Summary of each qualified participant anonymously, and the Report and Comparative Chart of the EIS and the WEES Scores to aid in their judging.


To maintain confidentiality, the surveys collected from participating companies will NOT be released publicly. The data will only be used for the purpose of ranking and will be published only as a percentage or points. However, survey may be used for research purposes, for which authorization is deemed to have been received from all participating companies upon submission of the Nomination Form. The organisers’ decisions on all aspects of this programme including ranking, evaluation and publication of the list will be final.

HR Asia Employee Input Survey (EIS)

Participants are required to nominate a minimum of 20 employees (or 20% of FTE headcount, whichever lower) to participate in the HR Asia Employee Input Survey (EIS). There is no upper limit to the number of employees nominated to participate in the EIS. The selection of employees for the EIS should reflect diversity in the following: job area/ specialization, age, ethnic background, seniority/pay grade, geographical assignment (if applicable). A detailed guide on the selection and employee communication process are provided to all participating companies. Employees that are in the employment of the participant for less than six (6) months or who do not constitute what is generally accepted as ‘full time employee’ are not allowed to participate in the EIS.

EIS are confidential and self-administered by the nominated employees via an online code provided by HR Asia.Individual replies will not be provided to employers, although the aggregate result of the EIS, including comparative data will be provided as part of the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Report. It is critical to remember that the Survey is more than just about completing the requirement to be part of the Awards and Report. It is an insight to the employees’ motivation and an important engagement tool. By following the selection and employee communication guide closely, employers will have ensured better accuracy in the Report that will be returned to them. Importantly, the Survey is done entirely online. No paper surveys are accepted.

HR Asia Workplace And Employee Engagement Survey (WEES)

The designated Company Champion of the HR Asia Best Companies to Work For in Asia will have to complete the HR Asia Workplace and Employee Engagement Survey (WEES) which surveys the company’s employee turnover rate, employee growth rate and workplace accident rate, among others. The WEES will need to be signed-off by either the HR Director or CEO of the company as an acceptance that the Survey is complete and truthful. The answer will be scored, and together with the EIS Report, will form the basis of judging and will be presented to the Judges for their consideration.


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