j HR Asia Awards Malaysia

Why Participate


Better Understand Your Employee

Better understanding of your employees means better able to plan and execute your employee engagement, resourcing and retention plans. Most companies would have surveys and other feedback mechanism in place. But nothing beats an independent report driven-survey, which not only tracks your employees’ input, but also measures it against your industry, your market and across the entire participant-base. The key benefit is hence: benchmark, benchmark, benchmark!

What Do Your Employees Tell Others?

What your employees tell others during and after work can differ. It is important that you are aware what they are telling their friends, relatives, other co-workers and prospective employees. Discovering problems at their bud, and identifying good values and programs to replicate not only saves you time – it saves you money and of course, your own job!

Enhance Your Company’s Bottomline

The ability to attract and retain top talents also means a direct positive impact to your bottomline. More importantly, the ability to build sustainable great companies that not only outperform and outlast the competitors but also deliver greater values to shareholders – rely primarily on your talents.


Nothing’s more powerful than an independent endorsement based on solid research data in helping you build your brand as a strong employer – and the Best Company to Work for.

Simple, Convenient Process

In designing the HR Asia Best Companies to Work For in Asia, we reviewed other similar studies and Awards, spoke to senior HR professionals across our region and realised that the single most important wish-list of all organisations is this: keep it simple, please. As such, you will find that HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia requires less time, is a convenient process, and provide similar benefits and accurate data that longer, more elaborate programmes offer.


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