“The Best Company to Work For Award is indeed a great recognition and a meaningful reward being awarded to AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd. We are truly honored by this recognition and this win is a strong testament that AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd is committed to providing the best towards our staff’s growth and welfare.”
“At BAT, we are looking for extra support in pre and post. We envision the digital age as something we need to integrate with immediately, starting with the right cultural mentality. We will keep thriving forward. It’s an evolution. It is about getting involved, to declare where you stand and you got some progress going on.”
“I am very happy and believe this award is a well-deserved recognition for DHL IT Services. Being the no.1 Logistics Company in the world, a lot of people have the opportunity to know about DHL as Logistics Company. The recognition helps to positioned us also as best IT company to work for. The award belongs to all colleagues of DHL IT Services as result of everyone great contribution. We are Connecting People Improving Lives!”
"Following my appointment as chairman, I look forward to serve by cultivating our aspirations and building a working environment that is grounded in teamwork, mutual respect, ethics and integrity. ENCORP’s brand and reputation is only as good as the people who make up the ENCORP team. In this, I am proud to be part of a corporate family committed to our values and dedicated in delivering their best efforts in bringing the Encorp Experience."
“I like to thank my team who gave us a lot of supports as we continue to invest in our people and continue to empower opportunities to help create a better tomorrow.”
“This give us encouragement that industry-peers are acknowledging our efforts in bringing good HR practises to the mall. It inspires us to continue the journey and to be one of the high-score engagement company in the country.”
"Our biggest competitive advantage, our best product and our Unique Selling Proposition are definitely our employees. We invest in them, we engage them and we nurture them. These are our utmost priorities."
“This is truly a recognition to Top Glove as we aspire to be in the Bursa Malaysia, to be the top 20 by 2020. This is where we need to show the care by the employer and we need to ensure the people how we perform today and prepare them for tomorrow.”
“The award marked Yinson’s continuous efforts to encourage personal and professional growth. We realise that to build an energy infrastructure that lasts far into the future, we need to build a team that’s in for the long haul, so we worked hard to create a vibrant, progressive workplace that puts people first.”